Custom Solutions

While Enerpac Integrated Solutions has the world’s largest product portfolio for heavy-lifting and load-control applications, we also have the knowledge to put all these programs together or modify them to provide a lift system for your most demanding and unique applications. 

Synchronous Hoisting

Synchronous HoistingAccurate hoisting and load positioning enhancing a crane’s capability. A unique crane product for below-the-hook positioning of heavy loads that require precision placement. Enerpac SyncHoist may reduce the number of cranes needed and reduce the costs for multiple picks.

Bridge launching equipment

Bridge launching equipmentProviding a solution for the most complex and demanding bridge construction applications, Enerpac has been providing unique customer bridge launching systems for more than 20 years. In 2004, Enerpac provided the hydraulics and support for the creation of the Millau Viaduct in France.

Strand jack gantry

Strand jack gantryThe strand jack gantry is a steel structure to facilitate erection, skidding back and forth and sideways of heavy loads up to 1100 tons. The Enerpac strand jack gantry allows you to operate in confined spaces.

The system consists of 3 major components:

  • Steel construction
  • Strand jacks for vertical lifting (HSL-series)
  • Skidding system for horizontal skidding (HSK1250)

This is powered by a hydraulic power unit that is situated on ground level.

The capacity, height and width of the construction can be modified in cooperation with our Engineering team.

Self-Erecting Tower

Self Erecting TowerThe Enerpac Self-Erecting Tower is a self-erecting-tower-lift system that enables you to build a free standing gantry from ground level. The Self-Erecting Tower can be supplied in various capacities and heights and built with standard modular components, enabling a flexible solution to future project demands.

The Self-Erecting Tower enables moving the load in all directions: lifting, lowering, skidding back and forth, and side shift capabilities. Lifting and skidding are achieved using standard Enerpac strand jacks that can also be used for other applications.

The Self-Erecting Tower is a versatile lift-system that can be used in a wide variety of operations, for example the installation of reactor vessels in a petrochemical plants or erecting a shipyard crane. When compared with large capacity cranes, the Self-Erecting Tower significantly reduces transportation and set up costs.

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Enerpac Self-Erecting Tower 

Lifts Petrochemical Hydrocracker Vessels

Enerpac Self-Erecting Tower (ESET) Lifts Petrochemical Hydrocracker Vessels
Using strand jacks connected to the hydrocracker vessel, the ESET lifted each vessel and accurately positioned them accordingly. Compared to larger ringer cranes, the ESET provided a smaller footprint, faster mobilization time and lower transportation costs.