EVO-Series, Synchronous Lifting Systems

Enerpac has set the control standard with the new generation of their multi-functional synchronous lifting system: the EVO-System – the evolutionary result of more than 25 years experience in specialized hydraulic engineering and lifting technology using digitally controlled hydraulics.

The application possibilities are infinite with the EVO-system, powering interlinked hydraulic cylinders. The EVO-System has 9 work modes: Manual, Pre-Load, Automatic, Retract Fast, Depressurize, Tilting, Stage Lift, Weighing* and Center of Gravity*.

* Available in the EVO-W Weighing System.


  • Management of lifting operations from a central control system improves safety and operational productivity.
  • Modular lifting system to control 4, 8 or 12 lifting points
  • Accuracy of 0.04” between leading and lagging cylinders (varies by application)
  • Built in warning and stop alarms for optimum safety
  • For use with standard single- or double-acting cylinders
  • PLC-controlled system with integrated 10,000 psi hydraulic power unit, 4HP motor, 55 gallon reservoir
  • Network capability to link up to 4 HPUs to a separate master control box via wireless control
  • Intuitive user interface with touch screen providing easy set up, control and navigation
  • Data storage and recording capabilities
  • Variable frequency drive (VDF) motor and PLC for precise synchronization and oil flow control.

EVO-W Weighing System:

  • Weighing applications with 1% accuracy
  • Includes calibrated sensors and replaces the need for load cells.
  • Reads information from external load cells connected to the system
  • Parameters for “waiting time for stabilization” and “number of cycles”.


  • Precise control of multiple lift points
  • Safe and efficient movement of loads
  • Ease of operation and user friendly
  • A single operator controls the entire operation
  • Monitoring and Data Recording
  • Displays data of the operation
  • Data recording at user-defined intervals
  • Data storage and read-out for reporting
  • Network capability and Ethernet IP protocol
  • Enerpac global coverage ensures local support.
Model Number Lifting Points Weighing Centre of Gravity Oil Flow
at 200 bar
Oil Flow
at 700 bar
(l/min) (l/min)
EVO421380 4 11,1 2,1
EVO821380 8 11,1 2,1
EVO1221380 12 11,1 2,1
EVO440380 4 11,1 4,0
EVO840380 8 11,1 4,0
EVO1240380 12 11,1 4,0
EVO421380W 4 yes yes 11,1 2,1
EVO821380W 8 yes yes 11,1 2,1
EVO1221380W 12 yes yes 11,1 2,1
EVO440380W 4 yes yes 11,1 4,0
EVO840380W 8 yes yes 11,1 4,0
EVO1240380W 12 yes yes 11,1 4,0
Model Number Lifting Points Weighing Center of Gravity Oil Flow
at 2,900 psi
Oil Flow
at 10,000 psi
(g/min) (g/min)
EVO421380 4 2.93 0.55
EVO821380 8 2.93 0.55
EVO1221380 12 2.93 0.55
EVO440380 4 2.93 1.06
EVO840380 8 2.93 1.06
EVO1240380 12 2.93 1.06
EVO421380W 4 yes yes 2.93 0.55
EVO821380W 8 yes yes 2.93 0.55
EVO1221380W 12 yes yes 2.93 0.55
EVO440380W 4 yes yes 2.93 1.06
EVO840380W 8 yes yes 2.93 1.06
EVO1240380W 12 yes yes 2.93 1.06


Lifting a Reclaimer Stacker for Bearing Replacement

Lifting a Reclaimer Stacker for Bearing Replacement
Controlled by a four point EVO system, four hydraulic cylinders lifted and lowered the stacker 400 mm. The operation was accomplished from a central control unit with a touchscreen display interface, located 30 meters from the load.


Slew Bearing Replacement on a Ship Loader

Slew Bearing Replacement on a Ship Loader
A 12 point EVO Synchronous Lift System and CLRG and RR-Series cylinders were utilized to maintain the balance of the ship loader during the lifting and lowering operation.


Synchronous Lift System Launches 43,000 ton Offshore 

Oil Platform

Synchronous Lift System Launches 43,000 ton Offshore Oil Platform
Controlled by a synchronous lifting system, 352 compact 300-ton hydraulic cylinders were grouped into active skids to lift and skid the offshore oil platform onto a ship.


Undecking an Electric Rope Shovel

Undecking an Electric Rope Shovel
The synchronized lift system reduced the possibility of damage to the shovel by bringing control of all four jacks to a single operator station. Delivering P&H MinePro-Chile a safe and productive lifting solution.


Lifting a 3500 ton Mining Dragline for Maintenance

Lifting a 3500 ton Mining Dragline for Maintenance
The synchronous system provided pinpoint accuracy while lifting lift the dragline for essential maintenance of the bearing surfaces on which the dragline swivels.