New Enerpac® DLS Series Dozer Lift System Safely Elevates CAT D11 and D10 Dozers for Safer and Easier Maintenance

Enerpac DLS Series Dozer Lift System

Enerpac announces the introduction of the DLS Series Dozer Lift System, providing safety, efficiency and flexibility for servicing and maintaining 250,000-lb dozers while in use in various mining and construction applications. Designed specifically for the CAT D11 and D10 dozers, the lift system is ideal for track and side frame maintenance while utilizing single-operator lifting.

The dozer lift features a four-point custom synchronous lift system for safe load control, with two separate lifting units that can be easily moved into position at opposite ends of a dozer. Each lifting unit includes two hydraulically operated jacks with motorized locking rings for users’ safe operation. The jacks are bolted to a rolling cart with fork pockets and retractable wheels for easy and precise positioning of the units.

The front and rear lifting jacks are driven by a hydraulic power unit (HPU) and controls which includes a 25-foot pendant for operator mobility and safety during lifts. The entire HPU and controls are contained in a rolling cabinet which includes storage for cable reels and hoses. The controls include PLC and software to monitor and control a maximum of four lifting points simultaneously, and has a user-friendly color touch screen mounted inside the cabinet, enabling the operator to remotely monitor key lifting information, such as lifting height and load. A single hydraulic unit has the capacity to operate up to six lifting units.

Lifting and lowering of the jacks can be paused at any point, and the system will automatically secure the load mechanically until the operator is ready to begin lifting or lowering the dozer again. A built-in alarm system will stop the synchronous lift in the event of malfunction. Lifting speed is approximately 1.8 in/min, allowing users to finish a lift quickly to reduce equipment downtime. This controlled and consistent lifting provides easy access, while minimizing operator effort. 

“The DLS Series Dozer Lift System delivers a safe, fast and flexible solution for elevating CAT D10 and D11 dozers when replacing or servicing tracks or side frames,” said Al Hamdan, Enerpac Integrated Solutions Global Marketing & Innovation Leader. “With stroke-controlled movements providing precise positioning for a stable load, the Enerpac Dozer Lift System offers a market-leading, safe solution to lift dozers at remote maintenance and service locations.”

Regardless of weight distribution, the system is designed to lift and lower a dozer synchronously between all lift points. It will also fit beneath dozers with 90 percent track wear, providing enough height clearance to perform track maintenance. 

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