Introducing the new 70 bar line of Workholding Products


  • Wide range includes link clamps, swing clamps and remote mount system valves
  • Innovative quality designs for applications when hydraulic clamping pressure is supplied by the machine tool’s hydraulic pump, which generally supplies 70 bar or less.
  • Ideal for Workholding applications in machining fixtures, welding fixtures, and/or leak testing machines
  • Link clamps are offered in 2 kN, 3.5 kN, 5 kN, 7 kN and 9 kN capacities with right hand, center and left hand configurations.
  • Swing clamps are offered in 2 kN, 3.5 kN, 5 kN, 7 kN, 9 kN and 20 kN models in left and right turning configurations.
  • Both single- and double-acting link and swing clamp models are designed with BSPP and manifold porting.
  • Models with position indication staffs are also available for applications where clamp position sensing is required
  • Nickel finish on clamp bases provides superior corrosion resistance and a durable polished wear surface in the internal cylinder bore.
  • Low-pressure workholding system valve options, including remote mount P.O. check, sequence, and pressure-reducing valves available.

Link Clamp product information                                                                             Swing Clamp product information


70 bar Link and Swing Clamps