Introducing the New MBL Hydraulic Gantry

Safety is always at the forefront for Enerpac, and the new MBL-series gantries meet the safety standards set by ASME B30.1-2009. Featuring a completely new design, our MBL-series of hydraulic lifting gantries deliver unprecedented safety, stability, and capacity throughout the entire stroke range of over 12000 mm. The MBL Gantries have been designed with increased footprint stability and can lift using 2 legs as well as 4, while incorporating the familiar foldable boom design from our SBL1100 gantry to allow for ease of transport.

Capacity (4 legs): 5000 - 6000 kN
Lift Height: 12000 - 14000 mm
MBL Hydraulic Gantry

Key Features
1) Simultaneous extending of two stages
    allowing for full lifting capacity throughout the
    entire stroke length
2) Foldable boom allowing for transport
    configuration heights under 2540 mm
3) Self-propelled units with roller track to reduce
    load footprint
4) Self-contained hydraulics eliminating the need
    for long lengths of hoses cluttering the lift
5) Wireless controls allowing for freedom
    of movement during lifting operations

• Designed and tested to meet ASME B30.1-2009 safety standards
• Tested under the supervision of an independent third party (Lloyd’s) at 120% secure workload
• CE compliant design

• Foldable boom design enabling access to confined areas
• Ability to absorb all side loads in the steel boom structure and not in the hydraulic cylinders;
• Pre-tensioned sliding bearings between the boom sections to minimize boom drift and possible overturning

Optional Accessories
• Side shift
• Header beams
• Skid track
• Lifting lugs