QuickFace FF120 Flange Facing Tool

  • Hand Operated machine can be set up anywhere without the need for air, electric or hydraulic power support
  • Lightweight (6.8 kg / 15 lbs) and easily transported to remote locations for increased productivity
  • Range of interchangeable collets from 25.4mm to 152.4mm (1 to 6 inches) allows the user to work on many different flanges with minimal time between set-ups
  • Adjustable Cutting Head is capable of facing flanges from 25.4 – 304.8mm (1 to 12 inches) which gives the user greater flexibility
  • Rigid tool body so machining is accurate
  • Fine adjustment on the cutting depth (0.127 – 0.381mm / 0.005” to 0.015” ) gives you precise control of the machining process at all times
  • Utilizes standard 10mm (3/8”) tool steel which are included and easily replaced when needed

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