W22000 Steel Hydraulic Torque Wrench

• 30.510 Nm (22,500 Ft-lbs) of Torque available at 700 bar (10,000 psi)
• No tools needed for changing the hexagon cassettes
• Nut sizes range from 75 – 135 mm (
2-15/16" to 5-3/8")
• Lifting eye and handle included for assistance in tool movement and placement for safer tool operation
• Nickel-plated drive unit and cassettes for exceptional corrosion protection and improved durability in harsh environments
• Robust design with fewer parts resulting in a more rigid tool, a more accurate application of torque and a longer tool life
• Single 360° hydraulic swivel included or upgrade to a TSP – Pro Series swivel for additional hose maneuverability
• Constant torque output provides high accuracy across the full stroke
• Assortment of Hexagon Reducers are available to economically extend the range of a cassette

Product Information