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MLS Series Wheeled Machine Skates

Wheeled machine skates sets include MLSF and MLSD skates and are capable of carrying up to 70 tons. The MLS-Series Wheeled Machine Skates are easy glide load rollers which offer a cost-effective option for moving heavy equipment in restricted spaces. The range includes MLSR Rotational Skates, MLSF Steerable Skates and MLSD Dual Trailing Rear Skates. With a low profile for minimized installation height, the MLS-Series Machine Skates are the ideal companion to Enerpac heavy lifting equipment for heavy machinery moves, where the smooth and precise movement of equipment is a priority. With a range of load capacities, wheel types and connecting bars, Wheeled Machine Skates are the versatile choice for economical machine and heavy equipment moving.

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MLSF3, 29 kN, Wheeled Load Skate

Load Skate - Wheeled

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