Double-Acting Valve Added to the XC-Series Cordless Hydraulic Pumps

Featuring a lightweight design, XC-Series pumps are a cost-effective solution for remote locations or hard-to-access areas. The combination of both speed and power also makes the XC-Series one of the safest, most ergonomic hydraulic pumps for everyday use. The addition of a double-acting manual valve option enables compatibility with either single and double-acting tools.

Cordless technology enables the XC-Series pump to deliver a tremendous amount of power in a small, portable package. It also makes the worksite safer by eliminating electrical cord or pneumatic hose trip hazards. Just like other cordless tools, the XC-Series battery powered pump makes the job at hand easier and safer.

XC-Series pumps now available with both single- and double-acting manual valve configurations

XC-Series Pump

1. Single- or double-acting valve
2. 28 volt Lithium-Ion Battery
3. Impact-resistant composite housing
4. Trigger lock-off
5. 1 or 2 liter oil reservoir

   High speed

   • Up to 5x faster than manual pumps
   • Up to 2x faster than pneumatic pumps
   Long run time
• Powerful battery delivers a high number of cycles per charge
   • Two batteries included in most models for heavy use applications
   Rugged design
• Impact resistant composite material, built to perform in the toughest work environments


   • Weighs less than most common hand pumps
   • Use in any position
   • Sealed, vent free reservoir
   Easy to transport
• Removable shoulder strap and integrated carrying handle

   Lock off switch

   • Trigger can be locked to prevent unwanted operation
   Cordless operation
 • Eliminates trip hazards from electrical cords and air hoses
   Ergonomic design
 • Lightweight, enclosed design with integrated handle and carrying strap allow for safe transportation

Industrial grade battery technology
   • 279 cuts of 3/8" (9.5mm) reinforcing bar using the WHC750 cutter
   • 112 lifts with the WR5 spreader
   • 44 splits on 1" (25.4mm) grade 8 nuts using the NC3241 nut splitter
   • 28 lifts of an RC104 cylinder