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Customer Driven Innovation

One of our core values is to continually innovate and solve customer problems. Through the efforts of a dedicated innovation team and several centers of excellence, new ideas to improve productivity and safety are discovered by listening to our customer’s pain points and observing how they perform tasks in their own environments. These inputs lead to the forming of ideas and eventually prototypes that can be tested, refined and transformed into finished products.

Functional Design

Ergonomics is the science of designing tools and equipment that reduce operator fatigue, discomfort and injury. Concepts generated through our discovery process take ergonomics into consideration as they progress through the innovation stages.

This functional design approach makes Enerpac tools more intuitive to use through common connection points, valve handles, on/off switches as well as ensuring hand comfort when holding and operating tools or controls. Integrated functional design improves the overall quality of products, reduces operator fatigue, and thus, increases job efficiency and safety.

Industry Leading Technology

The Enerpac innovation legacy spans across mechanical, hydraulic and computer controls technology. With 110 registered patents, Enerpac engineers continue to move the industry forward through the novel application of science and never-before engineered designs.
Hydraulic Tools and Pumps
With a history dating back 110 years, meeting shifting market and customer demands has been a constant part of the Enerpac company culture. In 1927, a strategic decision was made to invest in hydraulics. That decision launched the “hydraulic age” and transformed the industrial tools market for the next 100 years. Applying the scientific theory of hydraulics in unique and specialized ways is the foundation for Enerpac hydraulic tools from simple bottle jacks, lifting cylinders and pumps to hydraulic torque wrenches and highly precise heavy lifting systems.
Computer Controls
Safety is always at the forefront when developing new solutions. One way to increase safety and add precision accuracy is with advanced computer controls – through a tethered control unit, a pendant or a wireless device. As leaders in the lifting and moving of some of the largest structures on earth, computer controls were developed for the Enerpac Synchronous Lift Systems in the early 1990’s. While the introduction of wireless radio controls for the Enerpac SBL1100 hydraulic gantry became the industry standard for all gantries in 2005.
Digital Turning Tool
Our legacy in computer controls does not start and end with lifting systems. The Sweeney Digital Turning Tool (DTT), used in the rotation of turbine engines during borescope inspections, delivers a precise, safe and productive solution through the use of a propriety wireless control unit.

Enerpac Firsts

Often solving complex customer problems means being pioneers. Enerpac has released many trailblazing products over the years. Here is just a sampling of Enerpac industry-firsts that have continually improved over the years with new model releases.
1951Hydraulic Jacks & Cylinders

The early versions of hydraulic jacks were used to lift cars and trucks for maintenance or collision repair. Yet, customers needed similar solutions with the same force to bend, straighten, press, punch, push or pull. This inspired the long history of hydraulic product innovation and the comprehensive portfolio of Enerpac hydraulic cylinders today.

1992Enerpac Synchronous Lift System

Enerpac Synchronous Lift Systems provide precise positioning of the lifting and lowering of high tonnage loads. The control panel switch function developed in the early 1990’s removed human error and increased safety by automating the maximum allowable positioning error between leading and lagging lift points. This early development paved the way for the controls found in the EVO multi-point control system.


The first-to-market, high-pressure battery powered hydraulic pump was the WalkPac. The pump was a direct-drive, 6-piston pump powered by an internally developed Ni-Cad battery system that ran very smoothly and had very low-pressure ripple. This gave the pump a very high-quality sound, feel, tool performance and low sound level. Now, the industry flagship battery-powered pumps are the Enerpac XC Series models.

2005Enerpac Intelli-Lift

Enerpac Intelli-Lift was the first wireless radio controls of its kind to interface with hydraulic gantries. The approach changed the way operators interacted with the flagship Enerpac SBL1100 gantry to greatly improve the safety of their heavy lifts. Today, the bi-directional communication of the Intelli-Lift wireless control system, included with all Enerpac Hydraulic gantries, provides operators remote and automated synchronized lifting and side-shift control.

2019Enerpac Cube Jack

Born out of the proven Enerpac Jack-up system, the Enerpac Cube Jack is the first lifting system that eliminates the need for wooden cribbing. With a small footprint and the safety features of the self-locking system, this innovative solution is a heavy load lifting system significantly safer and faster than the jack-and-pack methods of days past.

Continuous Improvement

In recent years, over 60,000 new Enerpac tools have found themselves into the hands of customers in 100 countries around the world. As committee members, keeping up with the latest in UL, ASME, EU machinery directives standards means Enerpac products confidently meet important design and safety standards.
With each new product released to the market, customers have come to expect and appreciate the quality and incremental improvements that Enerpac tools add to their processes in terms of ease-of-use, safety and productivity. Feedback directly from the use of our products is one of the most valuable inputs to our innovation process.

Technical Support

Our technical support team works with customers daily helping them apply their tools in the most effective ways. Many new innovations are learned from these conversations that then feed into the discovery process for new solutions of the future.

Service Network

Authorized service centers established all around the world is another source of input for new product ideas. Understanding how Enerpac tools perform on the job, day after day, leads to future product improvements.

Enerpac Academy

Even during the most routine training courses on how to select and properly use and maintain high-pressure, hydraulic tools, new applications surface from customers during those sessions.