Enerpac Introduces Industry’s Only Self-Locking Portable Lift System for Increased Safety

Pow'R-LOCKMenomonee Falls, WI — August 15, 2014 — Enerpac introduces its new Pow’R-LOCK™ portable lift system, the industry’s only self-contained, self-locking lift system with a rated capacity of 200 tons (181 metric tonnes). With full-time, automatic load holding protection through all stages of lifting and lowering, the Pow’R-LOCK system requires no operator intervention to activate its locking system.

The PL-Series Pow’R-LOCK Portable Lifting system with full-time locking capability – to be introduced to Australasia at the Queensland Mining Exhibition QME 2014 in Mackay from July 22-24 – is designed and purpose-built to provide safe and secure lifting for heavy off-highway machinery including trucks, tractors, civil engineering machinery and implements.

Pow’R-LOCK accomplishes its load-holding protection by utilizing a control system (patent pending) that maintains the position of a rotating locking collar near the cylinder base, providing a mechanical lock regardless of cylinder movement and control cycle.

The heavy-duty lifting system integrates into a rugged mobile cart with a high capacity and compact 700 bar (10,000 psi) hydraulic cylinder and an air-driven hydraulic pump unit with complete valving and control systems. The units, the two versions of which feature strokes of 356 and 622mm (14 and 24.5in),are  ideal for companies where time and safety are paramount, such as mining and energy, oil and gas, heavy infrastructure construction and heavy transport.

“Machinery servicing can be time-consuming and hazardous task if not undertaken properly,” says Enerpac Regional Manager, Australia and New Zealand, Mr Denis Matulin. “Frustrating problems can arise both in workshop situations where space is at a premium, and in remote situations where normal plant services and lifting surfaces are not available. A solution to such problems is offered by the easily maneuverable, self-contained, Pow’R-LOCK Lifting Jack system, which can be used in even the tightest locations and over rough terrain where recommended safety procedures are followed.”

“Pow’R-LOCK is unique in that it provides autonomous locking of the load through all stages of lifting and lowering. No operator intervention is required to activate or energize the locking system – they just lift or lower the load. If anything hazardous occurs, the Pow’R-LOCK system is there to hold the load.”

Key Features of Pow’R-LOCK include:

  • Redundant lowering valves, PO (pilot operated) check and counter-balance, to add safety to the retract operation
  • Pow’R-LOCK locking system provides autonomous protection during lift, lower and hold function
  • Pneumatic operation for use in potentially hazardous environments (in consultation with Enerpac)
  •  Patented cylinder and control technology provides double-acting lock-nut protection with low collapsed heights
  • Nitro-carburization provides additional corrosion protection on the cylinder
  • Simple two-button operation for raise and lower functions
  • Integrated tilt saddle to reduce side loading and extend the life of the jack in extreme situations.
  • Large base plate, which increases contact with the ground, distributes load, resists tipping and achieves a stability factor that allows Pow’R-LOCK to be classified as a vehicle support stand.
  • An ergonomic six-position handle (below) which maximizes leverage and hand clearance under vehicles when positioning to a lift point.

Pow’R-LOCK provides safe, efficient, mobile lifting and load-holding for the toughest applications, backed by Enerpac’s extensive product support. This support includes national and worldwide networks of local distributors and authorized service centres as well as regional customer and technical service centers. Enerpac recommends that safety first procedures be followed wherever Pow’R-LOCK is operated, including published safety directions for lifting and cribbing loads.

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