Enerpac’s extreme performance hydraulics answer challenges of onshore, offshore, chemical, and welding environments

Extremely aggressive environments are a natural enemy of precision hydraulic tools such as hand pumps, cylinders and valves used for lifting, pulling, pushing, pressing, bolting, forming and fabricating structures.

Even proven rugged technologies such as high-pressure (700 bar) hydraulics can fall foul of constant moisture, chemicals, grit and grime, welding and high temperature environments encountered on demanding oil and gas, mining and energy, construction and infrastructure and primary processing sites.

In response to such conditions, Enerpac has developed especially protected hydraulic tools designed for use in extreme environments where they may be subjected to aggressive corrosion or temperatures that can shorten the lifespan and compromise the reliability of such tools, which are often used on remote sites.

The compact but powerful high-pressure (700 bar) hydraulic pumps, cylinders and valves include nickel-plated steel cylinders with Viton® seals, nickel-plated relief and check valves and anodized hand pumps that are compatible with the broader Enerpac range of hydraulic technology, which includes Australasia’s biggest selection of (700 bar) hydraulic cylinders in hundreds of models with capacities from 5-1000 tonnes. 

The high temperature and corrosion resistant products include:

  • RC-V single-acting cylinders in capacities from 5-25 tons, strokes from 54-158mm and weights from 1.5-10kg. The nickel-plated steel cylinders’ Viton seals provide heat and chemical resistance, while their plunger wipers reduce contamination and extend cylinder life. Where higher capacity-to-weight ratios are required, corrosion-resistant RAC aluminium cylinders are available up to 150 tonnes capacity. These feature composite bearings on all moving surfaces to guarantee no metal-to-metal contact, to resist side loads.
  • Two-speed hand pumps with a rapidly extending first stage to speed positioning of cylinder plungers, then a more powerful second stage to perform work required in situations that are often rugged or remote. The P142 ALSS and P392 ALSS feature Viton® seals, anodized aluminium pump reservoirs, plastic encapsulated pump bodies and stainless steel pump pistons and inserts that will not corrode or rust. Weighting just 2.1 and 4.1 kg respectively, they have internal pressure relief valves for overload protection and handle locks for easy carrying. The larger pump has a second handle for two-hand use.
  • V66NV manual check valve for additional safety in load holding with cylinders and V152NV pressure relief valves to limit pressures within hydraulic cylinders over a pre-selected adjustment range of 55-700 bar.