Enerpac’s ultimate lift gantries curtail risk with cost-efficient technology

Heavy lifts are a complex and specialised discipline where one technology does not fit all.

Sometimes the enormous power and precision of synchronous hydraulic technology is the best option; sometimes standard indoor and outdoor cranes can do the job cost-efficiently; and sometimes lifting gantries are a safe and cost-efficient option for tasks across industries such as mining and resources plant, oil and gas structures, energy and infrastructure installation and maintenance and ports and shipping tasks.

Hydraulic gantries are a safe, efficient way to lift and position heavy loads in applications where traditional cranes will not fit and permanent overhead structures for job cranes are not an option. When used with rail systems, hydraulic gantries also provide a means for moving and placing heavy loads.

Enerpac offers two series of hydraulic gantry systems: the cost-effective SL series that offers control and stability and the heavy duty SBL series that goes up to 1100 tonne capacity.

Enerpac hydraulic gantries have a number of unique features to ensure optimum stability and safety including: self-contained hydraulics and electrics, self-propelled wheels or tank rollers, and the Intellilift wireless control system. Intellilift provides the operator with information about the stroke, lift and load per unit and it automatically corrects any unsynchronised motion of the individual units.

Intellilift has been proven as one of the safest possible methods to operate a gantry. It is not just a monitoring system – it is a highly refined control system that has been proven worldwide.

Features of gantry lifts that are normally extras – such as the control systems and the self-propelled drive motors - are included in the standard configuration of all Enerpac gantries.

Enerpac also offers a range of accessories to complete the gantry system including header beams, skid tracks, side shift systems and lifting lugs.

Integrated Solutions
Enerpac lifting gantry technologies, developed by Hydrospex, are among the latest products in the Enerpac Integrated Solutions' portfolio of global capabilities in the accurate control of positioning, speed and force.

Integrated Solutions’ technology responds brilliantly to the imperative to curtail workplace deaths and injuries around lifting equipment while providing some of the world’s most advanced, controllable and adaptable lifting technology for projects that require the skills of the future, including precision, safety and demonstrated reliability of performance.

Examples of projects handled by Enerpac Integrated Solutions include the launch of the world’s highest viaduct, France’s Millau Viaduct, lifting the famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco for seismic retrofits, engineering the supporting assembly of the ‘Bird’s Nest’ stadium in Beijing and the current (2012) lifting of a series of 12 gigantic (800-1400 ton) ball mills, hoisted with an Enerpac Strand Lift system capable of safely positioning huge loads to accuracies within fractions of a millimetre, at Australia’s largest-ever magnetite mining and processing operation, CITIC Pacific Mining’s $US5 billion Sino Iron Ore project in Western Australia.

Onshore and offshore resources, energy and infrastructure projects are major areas of operation for Enerpac Integrated Solutions, which combines world-class technology with extensive local engineering expertise in 30 countries, including Australasia and South East Asia.

SBL 1100 Capabilities
ENERPAC’S heavy duty SBL1100 is the most advanced hydraulic gantry on the market. It has a patented foldable boom design that gives the machine excellent transportation dimensions. Once erected and extended, the SBL1100 has a lifting height of close to 13 meters.

The SBL 1100’s full hydraulic system has three-stage hydraulic cylinders mounted upside down in an octagon shaped boom design. The boom is pinned and can be folded to reduce the transportation dimensions. With a folded boom the SBL1100 fits into a standard (20ft) container.

The self-contained hydraulics make the SBL1100 a plug-and-play unit. Additionally, the SBL1100 is provided with a mechanical system that can lock the boom in any position and take the full load.

The SBL1100 has a unique drive system: a powered tank-roller system that reduces the ground load up to 70 per cent compared to conventional systems with four steel wheels.

The SBL1100 comes standard with the Intellilift wireless control system, with automatic synchronization and load control. Dual speed is available as option on all movements.

The SBL1100 gantry – which can be used on standard (4ft) skidtracks - is designed, tested and certified under Lloyd’s Registers witness.

Strand Jack Gantries
Following on from its international success with technologies such as the SL and SBL series, Enerpac has introduced the strand jack gantry which enables heavy loads up to 500 metric tons to be lifted, the load to be skidded inside a building and afterwards dropped and installed on the spot.

The modular and flexible system has been engineered in such a way that it can be utilized in nearly every situation, including installation of boiler drums, generators, turbines, etc. It is commonly used to load and unload heavy transport machinery, including self-propelled modular units.

The lower columns of the gantry are constructed from segments of one meter each. These columns are equipped with a hydraulic driven spindle, enabling the skid beams on top of the columns to be perfectly aligned with the beams inside the building. The upper columns are modular and consist among others of units of 50 and 25 cm. This enables the top side of the structure to be height adjustable as well. Since the system is modular, it is easy to expand in the future.

Technology Range
Enerpac technologies include hydraulic gantries, modular units, strand jacks, skidding systems, weighing systems, Jack ‘N Pack, self-erecting gantries and self-erecting tower lifts, and strand jack gantries.

Enerpac is an international market leader in high-pressure hydraulics, with 28 offices in 22 different countries and more than 1,000 employees. Enerpac produces thousands of high-pressure hydraulic products that are distributed worldwide. Enerpac focuses on the design of products, from the smallest cylinder to complete computer-operated lifting & positioning systems, which increase productivity and make work safer and easier to perform.