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New Turbine Engine Digital Turning Tool

Providing an advanced and simple solution for rotating turbine engines during borescope inspections.

The Sweeney Digital Turning Tool (DTT) provides Aircraft Engine MRO shops a simpler, more controlled way to inspect engine blades. By automating the rotation of blades, the DTT allows for a single operator to execute the entire borescope inspection process, saving labor costs and allowing for a more efficient inspection process. The DTT has a new, innovative design with enhanced features, including the ability to wirelessly operate the tool. The DTT offers a mobile, efficient, & easy to use solution for all borescope inspection needs.

Updated design with propriety wireless controls

The new DTT is significantly lighter and more compact, making it easy to operate, handle and transport. Unlike alternative solutions that rely on off the shelf components and unintuitive designs, the DTT features a state-of-the-art pendant, which was created from the ground up to better meet operator needs both functionally and ergonomically. Bluetooth technology enables cordless performance and reduces clutter caused by excess cables.

High-vis lighting on the controller clearly indicate when the unit is powered up and illuminate the outlet, which has been specially designed to accommodate plug formats from around the world.

An updated software package further enhances performance; and allows the system to be used on a larger variety of commercial and military aircraft.

Simple and efficient

As engines continue to get bigger, inspections are becoming a more physically demanding process. While manual rotation requires physical exertion, the DTT rotates engines at the press of a button. A powerful motor provides 50% more torque capacity than the leading competitor for increased performance on a large range of applications. A torque overload sensor shuts down operation if excessive torque occurs, which can protect expensive turbine components from damage. This combination of power and control results in a more controlled and accurate positioning of turbines for engine inspection, helping to ensure quality results in less time.

One technician to perform maintenance work

Compared with manual rotation, the DTT requires only one technician to perform the maintenance application. While manual rotation requires one technician to manually handle the wrench and rotate engine blades and another technician to visually inspect the engine, the DTT allows the engine to be rotated at the press of the button. By limiting the number of operators, the digital turning tool eliminates the chance of miscommunication between multiple operators.

Digital Turning Tool

  • Allows for a single operator to control engine rotation and perform the borescope inspection
  • Adjustable torque limit up to 150 ft-lbs. – the most torque available from any turning tool
  • Blade tracking and flagging for quick review of any damaged blades
  • Light weight & compact design featuring a wireless pendant for greater portability
  • Continuously updated engine library allows for use on most commercial and military engines in the market
  • Motor is designed to fit all previous versions of Sweeney engine interface adaptors
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