New Sync Grip Pullers

The Sync Grip multi-purpose puller range is designed to make your jobs easier and safer to accomplish. Remove bearings, bushings, gears, sleeves, wheels and flywheels, sprockets and other shaft mounted items simply and effectively.

Mechanical and hydraulic configurations are available with a variety of optional accessories that expand application range and increase utility. Hydraulic models are available in standard sets which include detachable hydraulic cylinders and a choice of pump options, along with a gauge assembly and hose for safe monitoring of applied pulling forces.

Easy to use
All three jaws close simultaneously making the puller easier and safer to operate. The synchronous feature of the SGM and SGH Series Pullers makes positioning the puller simple and helps prevent misalignment.


Sync Grip Pullers: available in both mechanical or hydraulic versions. Some models can be configured as a two jaw puller, however, three jaws are recommended for most even distribution of pulling forces.
Cross Puller: hydraulically powered via detachable cylinder and choice of pump. The Cross Puller can be used individually as a ‘push’ puller or in conjunction with the Bearing Separator or Bearing Cup Puller.
Bearing Separator: use where access is restricted. The Bearing Separator is used in conjunction with the Cross Puller.
Bearing Cup Puller: specifically designed for cup style bearing and other applications requiring an internal style puller.
Detachable Hollow Cylinder: provided with all hydraulic puller models including both the standard Sync Grip and Cross Puller.
In Sync Grip, Cross Bearing and Master Puller Sets a hose and gauge are provided as standard along with your choice of pump including manual hand operated, cordless battery powered, electric or air powered. In each case the pump selection has been optimized for compatibility with the pullers.