New UltraSlim Torque Wrench Hexagon Cassettes

New UltraSlim Torque Wrench Hexagon Cassettes for narrow access applications

Enerpac is proud to present the new W-Series UltraSlim hydraulic torque wrench cassettes. These tools were developed to provide customers with a simple, durable and productive controlled bolting solution for narrow access applications.

UltraSlim cassettes combine the simplicity and durability of the trusted W-Series hydraulic torque wrenches, with a stepped width bi-hexagonal design, which allows the cassettes to be mounted over nuts and bolts where other tools won’t fit.

UltraSlim cassettes also feature a specially designed top mounted positioning handle, to promote safety and ease of use. By using premium materials, perfecting the geometry, and placing the positioning handle on top of the tool, Enerpac UltraSlim cassettes are able to get into tight spaces, provide even greater torque than standard cassettes, and vastly outperform the competition in product durability.

Maximum Torque at 10,000 psi (690 bar): 4,300 ft. lbs (5830 Nm)
Hexagon Range: 1 13/16 – 2 15/16” (46 – 75 mm)
Maximum Operating Pressure: 10,000 psi (690 bar)

Ultra Slim Torque Wrench

W Series UltraSlim features

Best in Class Safety, Simplicity and Endurance

1) Stepped Width Design
Fully enclosed side plates feature a stepped width design to minimize clearances for easier access to the nut

2) Tough Materials
High strength materials provide best in class durability

3) Bi-Hex Ratchet
Bi-hexagonal design provides twice as many positioning points on the nut, for easy access and optimal positioning

4) Top Mounted Straight Handle
Provides safe and easy access to hard to reach fasteners

5) Standard Drive Units
Interfaces with existing W-Series drive units

6) Quick Release Lever
Allows the rapid exchange of cassettes with drive unit, and avoids the use of pins, which are easily lost

Durability of Key Components

UltraSlim durability chart

UltraSlim torque wrench cassettes outperformed top competitor cassettes in endurance testing by a factor of five to one.

The graph illustrates average results of an endurance test, where three Enerpac and three competitor cassettes were tested at 4,000 ft.-lbs. (5426 Nm) for 50,000 cycles. The Enerpac tools performed 5 times longer than the competitor tools before requiring maintenance. The Enerpac UltraSlim sideplates never broke for the full duration of the test, effectively providing a vastly superior tool life expectancy compared to competitive narrow access tools.

Quality of Performance

All UltraSlim Series cassettes are CE - ATEX declared, factory calibrated and are shipped complete with a calibration certificate.

Constant torque output provides accuracy of ± 3% across the full stroke.

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