QuickFace FF Mechanical Flange Face Tool efficiently and safely solves smaller flange refacing challenges

Refacing of smaller pipe flanges – up to 152.4mm, 6in inside diameter - can be a real problem where the job is in awkward, remote or hazardous locations.

One solution to this safety, maintenance and potential leakage challenge is the QuickFace FF Series hand-powered Mechanical Flange Face Tool from Enerpac, which can turn what is usually a two-man refacing operation with powered tools, into a one-man job without the need for heavy equipment, air compressors or portable generators.

Now for the first time engineers can achieve the same high accuracy and performance of a powered machine tool in a versatile, lightweight and extremely portable format. The tool is suitable for a wide range of processing and pipelineintensive industries.

Features include:

  • Hand-operation which means the machine tool can be set up anywhere without the need for air, electric or hydraulic power support
  • Lightweight (33lb, 14.96kg boxed) tool is easily handled and easily transportable to remote locations for increased productivity
  • Its range of interchangeable collets, (from 1-6in, 25.4- 152.39mm) allows the user to work on many different flanges with minimal times between set-ups.
  • Adjustable cutting head is capable of facing flanges from 1-12in, 25.4-304.79mm, which gives the user greater flexibility.

QuickFace FF-Series Mechanical Flange Face Tool is simple to operate. After selecting the correct lead screw for the operation, the tool body is inserted in the pipe end and centres itself with adjustable locators to provide truly concentric operation. The tool arm is then rotated by hand using a worm-gear mechanism to provide a perfect spiral “gramophone” finish around the flange. The tool can be adjusted with a calibrated slide to define cut depth and the correct finish.

QuickFace has a wide mounting range of 25.4 mm (1”) – 157.5mm (6”) ID and is capable of facing 25.4mm (1”) – 304.8mm (12”) OD flanges using standard 10mm (3/8in) cutting tools. In addition, the tool can be paired with different lead screws, making it suitable for resurfacing damaged raised-face or lens-ring joint flanges to high safety standards.

QuickFace offers cost-savings on third party equipment rental (not needing compressors or generators) as well as time-savings pre-setup. The cold work tool requires no hot work permits. One person can set up in minutes, with no need for cranes or rigging equipment.

Little operator training is required for safe, easy use. The operator is in full control of the operation throughout, with no power required, reducing combustion potential. While reducing capital costs, QuickFace offers the same accuracy, precision and quality of finished as powered machines.