SHS-Series Synchronous Hoist System

The SHS-Series Synchronous Hoist System is a below-the-hook crane attachment comprised of multiple double-acting hydraulic push/pull cylinders. Each lifting point is controlled independently, providing high precision vertical load maneuvering.

The SyncHoist system enables a single crane to position heavy and unbalanced loads that require precision placement. A single crane can reduce the risk of damage from oscillations of wire rope due to crane jogging and sudden crane starts/stops. The system can also improve safety by eliminating complex communication between crane operators.

Enerpac SHS-Series Synchronous Hoist System

Capacity: 55 – 85 – 110 ton
Maximum Stroke: 500 – 1500 mm
Accuracy Over Full Stroke: ± 1,0 mm

System Control Options
1. Manual control
   •  Valves with manual levers
   •  Warnings for thermal motor protection
   •  Visual check: oil level, filter indicator
   •  Load monitoring

2. Automatic control
   •  Load and stroke monitoring, and stroke control
   •  PLC-control and touch screen
   •  Solenoid valves
   •  Pre-programmable motions and data recording
   •  System warnings for:
        o  maximum cylinder load
        o  stroke and position tolerance
        o  thermal motor protection
        o  oil level and filter indicator


Bridge segments are hoisted from the ground, being positioned with a 4-point SyncHoist system.
The Enerpac SyncHoist system was used with one hydraulic cylinder to level and position the 95 ton, 115 m diameter rotor assembly of a wind turbine.
Pre-cast concrete girders were lifted and positioned into place with a 4-point SyncHoist during the construction of the Brisbane Riverwalk.