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  1. MM1250e
  2. MM1250e

MM1250E, External Mount Flange Facing Machine, 0-50" (0-1270 mm) Facing Diameter, Pneumatic


Model: MM1250e   |   Series: MME   |  Product Line: Machining Tools
  • Externally mounted robust flange facing machine used to produce continuous groove gramophone finishes to ASME Standard
  • Continuous variable auto-feed for ASME standard finishes
  • Choice of pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric motors, powered from an external source
  • Quick-set radial clamping adjustment
  • Quick-set axial adjustment jaws
  • Heavy duty bearing construction for high metal removal rates and accuracy
  • Heat exchanger kits for back facing and slot machining in one operation
  • Applications include facing heat exchanger flanges and other large flanges such as crane pedestals.
  • Included as Standard with Machine:
    Toolkit including tools and inserts
    Air filter lubricator
    Hose connection
    All required mounting clamps
    Storage / shipping box
    CE certificate
    Packing list and manual

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