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Assembling and Transporting Electric Transformers with a Hydraulic Gantry


Tadeo Czerweny




Tadeo Czerweny, a global leader in the electric power transformation market, based in Argentina, was seeking a solution after deciding to expand their manufacturing capacity and build higher-capacity electric transformers. The immediate need was to vertically lift a heavy platform structure used to assemble electric transformer cores and transport the large electric transformers within their plant. The maximum loads to be moved were 250 to 300 metric tons with a total height of 11 meters. 


After reviewing all the technical information and getting answers to all their questions, it was clear that the solution was to choose Enerpac’s SBL1100 Hydraulic Gantry Series. The SBL1100 Gantry provides more accurate and controlled movements compared to using an overhead crane; such flexibility allows for use in different operations throughout the manufacturing process. The SBL1100 has a lift capacity of up to 1200 tons with 4 towers and lift height of 14.38-39.38 feet. These features are critical in the lifting process in order to successfully lift the platform structure that holds all the electric transformer cores to an upright position. “Enerpac has been a proven partner for us in the past, as we already use other lines of Enerpac products,” said Juan Pablo Zagayny, Industrial Engineering Manager at Tadeo Czerweny. “We have been very satisfied with the performance and level of support Enerpac provides. The technical support, quality and features were key factors in selecting their product. The SBL1100 Hydraulic Gantry Series was cost-effective for us since we could execute programmed heavy loads lifting and positioning in different points at our plant with a single piece of equipment.”

Enerpac hydraulic gantries have a number of unique features to ensure optimum stability and safety: self-contained hydraulics and electrics, self-propelled wheels or tank rollers, and the Intellilift wireless control system. Intellilift provides the operator with information about the stroke, lift and load per unit and automatically corrects any unsynchronized motion of the individual units. Tadeo Czerweny’s biggest challenge was learning the safest way to use the equipment while being able to obtain maximum performance. Marcelo Abreu, Territory Manager at Enerpac, said, “Our SBL1100 Gantry was best suited for this project because it is safe and can operate with ease. Enerpac provides automatic and synchronized systems that reduce the probability of human error during operation and allows operators to learn the system more efficiently.” Tadeo Czerveny was provided hands on training to ensure all operators of the gantry felt comfortable and confident before proceeding with the project. Tadeo Czerveny prides themselves on quality solutions, reliability and values the well-being and safety of their employees. Enerpac is known within the industry for reliability, safety and efficiency. This made for a natural and successful partnership.


SBL1100 Hydraulic Gantry