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Safety Handbook for Couplers

The advantage of using couplers rather than threaded connections is that you can quickly make and break hydraulic connections. The disadvantage of using couplers is that they are frequently the point at which dirt enters a hydraulic system.

Observe the following when using couplers:

• Make sure couplers are clean before making any connections. Use dust caps to keep couplers clean. If a dust cap was not used, clean the coupler by carefully blowing the dirt out with compressed air.

• Tighten couplers hand tight only; do not use wrenches. The threads must be fully engaged to allow for proper oil flow. A partially connected, checked-off, coupler is shown below along with a properly connected coupler.

• Couplers are designed to be pressurized only when they are connected together. Never pressurize half couplers.

CT-604 Safety Tool

Use the Enerpac CT-604 to relieve hydraulic back pressure by safely bleeding the hydraulic coupler. Minimize injuries from projectile parts and under-skin hydraulic fluid injections by eliminating unsafe coupler bleeding practices. The CT-604 is Enerpac-engineering safe for use at 10,000 psi (700 bar). NOTE: C-Series only.

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