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Safety Handbook for Maintenance Set

The Enerpac maintenance set includes a pump, hose, cylinder, gauge, and several extensions and attachments. The maintenance set is designed so that you can create setups for use in a variety of situations.

REMEMBER: Never exceed 5,000 psi [350 bar] when using cylinder attachments. Always use a gauge to verify the operating pressure. Gauge response in a lifting situation is described under GAUGES on page 13.

The first step in adding attachments to the cylinder is to mount the base attachment or adaptor saddle as shown below. Snug the bolts on the base attachment with a wrench. When using threaded attachments, be sure all threads are fully engaged. Tighten by hand; no tools are required. When using lock-on attachments, always secure connection with a lock pin.

The maintenance set extensions and attachments are not made of standard pipe materials. They are designed to be much stronger. Standard grade parts will bend or break with much less load than the maintenance set components. See SETUP CONSIDERATIONS on page 8 and EXTENSIONS on page 30 for guidelines on using your own cylinder extensions.

Two examples of maintenance set setups are shown below. Note that all pieces are securely fastened together:

Applicaiton Examples of the Maintenance Set

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