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Safety Handbook for Nut Splitter

To avoid personal injury during system operation, read and follow all CAUTIONS, WARNINGS, and INSTRUCTIONS included with or attached to each product. Enerpac cannot be responsible for damage resulting from unsafe use of product, lack of maintenance, or incorrect product and system application.

Always wear proper personal protective gear (i.e. gloves, safety glasses).
The system operating pressure must not exceed the pressure rating of the lowest rated component in the system.
To avoid damage to the nut splitter blade, housing, plunger and seals:
A. Do not cut chains or bolts.
B. Do not use the nut splitter to rotate nuts.
C. Do not move the nut splitter during the cutting operation.
D. Do not heat up nuts while the nut splitter is in position.
Make sure that all system components are protected from external sources of damage, such as excessive heat, flame, moving machine parts, sharp edges, and corrosive chemicals.
Enerpac Nut Splitters are designed specifically for metal nuts that match the sizes as listed in the selection charts in the Enerpac catalog and nut splitter instruction sheets.
To prevent injury, do not place fingers on or near the cutting blade while the nut splitter is operating.
Maximum allowable hardness of the nuts to be split is HRc-44.
To prevent injury and to avoid damage, do not use the nut splitter on glass, plastic, wood, or any material which could shatter.

Nut Splitter Operation:

  1. Make all appropriate hydraulic connections.
  2. Place the nut splitter head over the nut. Important : the flat surface of the cutter must rest flat on one of the nut flats, and the head must rest on a flat surface.
  3. Hold the nut splitter in the proper position.
  4. Operate the pump until the cutter blade cuts through the nut.
  5. To avoid damage to the bolt thread, de-energize the pump as soon as the nut is split.
  6. Retract the blade.
  7. Repeat the cutting process on the other side of the nut. (Must be 180 degrees opposed).
  8. Retract the cutter blade and remove both nut halves.

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