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Safe, Synchronous Lifting of TBM with Super Boom Lift Gantries


Hoban Construction


South Korea


Hoban Construction and Daelim Corporation required a lifting and transportation solution for their Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) assembly, which would be used to excavate tunnels. They used a winch type gantry previously but were seeking a safer and more efficient alternative. The lift was complex with various assembly sections and a large load that was 130 m long.


In consultation with Enerpac Heavy Lifting Experts, the SBL500 and SBL1100 Super Boom Lift Hydraulic Gantries were deployed to assemble the TBM, along with a custom frame to cater to the lifting point. The telescopic gantries are equipped with the Intelli-Lift wireless control system, which enables encrypted bi-directional communication that eliminates interference from other devices. Operated remotely using multi-channel wireless or wired control, the Enerpac SBL-Series Gantries offered a safer solution, and enabled automatic synchronization of lifting with an accuracy of 24 mm, and automatic synchronization of travelling with an accuracy of 15 mm.

Enerpac gantries are self-contained, which means that hydraulics and electrical components are built into every leg, which allows the gantries to be setup easily within a day, provides a safer work environment by reducing trip hazards caused by hydraulic hoses, and allows for unobstructed views of the load.

In the past, TBMs would be assembled using a crane outside the tunnel where there is more space. The hydraulic gantries offer a flexible solution for future TBM installations, as they can be assembled inside the tunnel where traditional cranes will not fit, and permanent overhead structures are not feasible.

Despite the complexity of the lift, the SBL-Series Hydraulic Gantries successfully tilted and lifted the main drive to a height of 8 to 10 m with 95% lift accuracy.

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