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Lifting a Reclaimer Stacker for Bearing Replacement


Vale Vitoria


Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil


The main bearing on a Bardella iron ore reclaimer stacker needed to be replaced. Safely replacing the bearing without injury or damaging the stacker required lifting the 470 metric ton stacker approximately 400 mm (15.74 inches) while maintaining the machine’s center of gravity.


Vale Vitoria utilized a four point EVO Synchronous Lifting System and four hydraulic cylinders to lift and lower the stacker 400 mm. The EVO system provided the ability to synchronize and control each lifting point and monitor the load’s center of gravity from a touchscreen display interface. A centralized control unit allowed the maintenance team to perform the lifting and lowering operations from a safe distance of 30 meters from the load. In collaboration with Rotec Equipamentos, Vale Victoria was able to replace the stacker’s bearing without injury or damage, and within the scheduled timeframe.


EVO Synchronous Lifting System