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Lifting Heavy Mining Trucks Quickly and Safely using the PowR-Lock Portable Lift System


Kal Tire and SMS


Fort McMurray, Canada


Lifting trucks for maintenance and repair at mining sites and in the shop is a common occurrence. Safety while performing these operations is always a concern, and it’s also important to do the job efficiently and quickly.


The Pow’R-Lock offers continuous load locking technology and provides locking protection during lift, lower and hold functions. It is easily maneuvered into position and with the simple 2-button remote pendant it can raise and lower from up to 20 feet away. The unit also meets the standards required to be used as a jack stand, which means, no secondary jack stands need to be moved into place under the truck after it is lifted by the Pow’R-LOCK. This makes the process more efficient, thus saving time and money.