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Stud Removal on a Stacker Reclaimer with Hydraulic Tensioners


Port Waratah Coal Services


Newcastle, NSW, Australia


Removing the 3 meter long studs on the bucket wheel drive output of a Sandvik stacker reclaimer is a difficult and lengthy operation. Operating conditions corroded the studs and the confined location of the stud does not allow access with traditional removal equipment. Previous operations required more than 10 hours to remove each stud and used up to 120 tons of force to push and pull a total of 16 studs.


A custom GT4 hydraulic tensioner was developed for removing the studs in a safe and timely manner. The tensioner pulled each stud out in about 30 minutes, providing a huge time savings for the maintenance team. The height and puller sleeve of the tensioner was modified to fit the confined space of the studs.


Custom GT4 Hydraulic Tensioner, ZUTP1500E