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Lift and Weigh of a Jack-Up Rig Cantilever and Drill Floor




Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Lamprell has completed the fabrication of a new jack-up drilling rig. Every jack-up rig cantilever and drill floor needs to be accurately weighed after construction. Space restrictions under the cantilever prevented the use of other weighing systems without costly rework to the load structure. Enerpac distributor Al Masaood Trading, based in Dubai, was asked to provide a safe, accurate and compact solution for weighing the jack-up rig cantilever and drill floor.


The EVO-W Series Synchronous Lifting System with weighing feature provided the perfect solution for weighing the completed jack-up drilling rig cantilever and drill floor substructure. The EVO-W weighing system included two 600 tonne and two 200 tonne hydraulic jacks and accessories. The clearance of the jacks was reduced by using calibrated pressure transducers instead of load cells.

Utilizing the EVO-W weighing program, the cantilever and drill floor was lifted synchronously a total of a few millimeters over multiple increments. The synchronous lifting technology combined with the weighing program, monitored, calculated, and recorded the exact weight during the lift. After the weighing process was complete the cantilever was lowered to its initial position. All lifting and weighing data was displayed on the monitor of the PLC-controlled system, providing a perfectly coordinated, safe and efficient operation. Traditional lifting methods would have required a full day; the EVO-W enabled the operation to be completed within half a day and produced a detailed weighting report which was accepted by Lamprell’s safety consultants.


EVO-W Synchronous Lifting System, CLRG-Series Cylinders