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Enerpac Self-Erecting Tower Lifts Petrochemical Hydrocracker Vessels






Spectyazh was tasked to lift and position two hydrocracker vessels, each weighing 1,306 tons and measuring 48 meters in height. Initially, Spectyazh considered existing means to lift and replace the hydrocracker vessels, including the use of heavy cranes. However, given the space-restricted area of the petrochemical construction site, there was very little space to maneuver and lift the vessels, and cranes would not fit.


Spectyazh employed the Enerpac Self-Erecting Tower (ESET) a free-standing gantry solution that can lift up to 1,400-ton loads to a height up to 75 meters. Using the strand jacks, which were connected to the hydrocracker vessel, the ESET lifted each vessel, and accurately positioned them accordingly. Compared to larger ringer cranes, the ESET provided a smaller footprint, faster mobilization time and lower transportation costs. With delivery, site preparation, the actual lifting and installation of the vessels and demobilization of the ESET, the entire project took approximately 6 weeks.


Self-Erecting Tower, Strand Jacks, SBL1100 Hydraulic Gantry