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Synchronously Lowering an 80 ton Yacht


Hebo Maritime Service


Royal Huisman Shipyard, Vollenhoven, The Netherlands


A multi-million dollar luxury sailing yacht was jacked-up two meters to perform renovations. After the retrofit, the yacht needed to be lowered in order to be transported back to the water. Although the yacht was built of carbon fiber, it still weighed 80 tons. And the weight was not evenly distributed; the back was heavier than the front. The uneven distribution of weight posed a serious challenge to safely lowering the yacht.


An EVO-W Series Synchronous Lifting System was used to safely lower the yacht with precise control. Featuring 9 pre-set work modes, the stage lifting work mode enabled a single operator to monitor and control stroke and center of gravity from a touchscreen display. Four double-acting aluminum hydraulic cylinders lowered the yacht 100mm at a time. The entire operation took two hours and was completed safely.


EVO-W Synchronous Lifting System, RAR1508 Double Acting Cylinders