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B5003, Air Hydraulic Booster, 60,6 cm3 Oil Volume per Stroke


Model: B5003   |  ECCN: EAR99    |   Harmonization: 8413500080
Series: B - Booster   |  Product Line: Workholding Tools
  • Enerpac one shot air hydraulic booster for high production applications
  • High speed operation and constant hydraulic output
  • Extended service life
  • Large oil delivery per stroke allows quick filling of cylinders for clamping or punching
  • One-shot spring return
  • Steel and cast iron construction
  • Built-in stroke sensor for automatic cycle operation, 30 VDC switch closes 25 mm before end of full air piston stroke
  • Internal self-bleeding, automatically purges air from system when booster piston is at highest point in circuit

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