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Mirage Casing Pin Drilling Machines

Mirage DDU- Series Casing Pin Drilling Machines from Enerpac provide an effective solution to create lift holes in casings for offshore decommissioning projects.

Since joining the Enerpac product range from the Mirage Machines, the design and construction of these casing pin drills remains unchanged. These tried and tested units can drill 2 lift pin holes in a single operation. They incorporate a quick clamp swing gate mechanism for locking onto the work piece, and a powerful hydraulic drive. Auto-feed is available as a safer and more convenient option.

Casing pin drilling machines are often used with Enerpac band saws to provide a complete decommissioning solution for dismantling, conductors, caissons, pipelines, and multiple grouted strings.

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DDU1636, Casing Pin Drilling Machine, 12" (305 mm) Maximum Diameter, Hydraulic

Casing Double Pin Drill
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