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ECCE32E, 471 kN Capacity, Electric Chain Cutter, Maximum Material Diameter 32 mm, 230V


Model: ECCE32E   |   Series: ECCE   |  Product Line: Industrial Tools
  • Your simple solution for cutting high-strength industrial chain
  • ECCE-Series Electric Chain Cutters are ideal for applications where safety is paramount. Unlike other cutting methods, Enerpac's chain cutters cut chain links behind an enclosed, transparent safety guard, protecting the operator's hands from potential injury while allowing the operator to monitor the cutting process.
  • The ECCE-Series Cylinder is driven by a radial pump powered by an electric motor
  • Quickly cut through heavy-duty chain links with minimal effort
  • Highly durable blades outlast angle grinder or saw blades
  • Controlled cutting process behind a protective shield enhances safety
  • Minimal spark risk compared to torching, grinding and sawing methods
  • Cutters produce minimal vibration, helping prevent HAVS (Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome)
  • Transparent safety guard protects hands and allows continuous monitoring for better management of cutting process.
  • Double-acting cylinder improves control and reduces jamming
  • ETL certification applies to 120 Volt tools only

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