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DL Ricci Mid-Size Clamshell Cutters

The DL Ricci MS-Series (Mid-Size) Clamshell Cutters are the optimum choice for general-purpose pipe cutting and beveling applications. They weigh less than the DLR-HD heavy-duty machines but provide greater rigidity than the DLR-NB (narrow body) machines. DLR-MS Clamshell Cutters cover outside pipe diameters ranging from 4.125" all the way up to 48.25" (104.8mm- 1225.6mm).

Each uses a patented fully adjustable heavy-duty bearing design for greater serviceability and increased life. These split frame clamshell cutters can be specified with several drive configurations - allowing the motor to be attached in various positions. They accept a wide range of accessories that increase performance and expand capabilities.

Clamshell cutters in the Enerpac range remain true to the pioneering designs that made DL Ricci the go-to brand for machinists worldwide. Outstanding performance and a comprehensive product range means they're used widely for applications in new construction, maintenance, and decommissioning.

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DLRMS12, Mid-Size Clamshell Pipe Cutter, 4-13" (105-330 mm) Mounting Diameter

Mid-Size Clamshell
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