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PP19DC, Diesel Hydraulic Power Pack, 350 litres Usable Oil, 60 l/min Oil Flow at 160 bar, 19 kW, EU Stage V EPA Tier 4


Model: PP19DC   |   Series: PP-D   |  Product Line: Machining Tools
  • Complies with EU Stage V – EPA Tier 4 final regulations
  • Engine with 50 litre diesel tank
  • 19 kW ± 12 hours running time at max torque
  • Pressure & Flow can be set by adjustment screws
  • Case Drain Return option
  • Safety: Emergency stop buttons are provided on the power pack
  • Emission levels allow for global supply
  • Spark Arrestor
  • Series of optional application specific hydraulic controls
  • Series of optional application specific Hose Kits
  • Power Packs enclosed within a protective frame
  • Forklift truck and vertical lift points
  • Pressureless Switch to remove pressure and flow
  • Power packs are supplied as standard with ISO VG 46 Hydraulic Oil.

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