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  1. VP22

VP22, Solenoid Modular Poppet Valve, 4-way, 3-position, Float Center, 110 VAC


Model: VP22   |   Series: VP   |  Product Line: Workholding Tools
  • Solenoid directional valves control the direction of the oil flow to each cylinder port
  • With the use of a VP-Series manifold, these valves allow quick and easy assembly of hydraulic control valves on your Enerpac ZW-series pump. For remote mounting of these valves use a WM10 manifold
  • Dual poppet valve design for zero internal leakage
  • Inlet check-valve standard
  • High cycle switching
  • Stackable to 8 valve stations high
  • 17-350 bar operational pressure
  • Oil flow capacity 7 l/min @ 350 bar
  • Oil flow capacity 15 l/min @ 0 psi
  • G1/4" oil connections and integrated filtration

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