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Mirage ID Mount Flange Facing Machines

Mirage ID Mount Flange Facers from Enerpac are a diverse range of internally mounted robust flange facers. This type of machine are fixed inside the work piece using fully adjustable legs and jaws to clamp within the inside bore of the flange.

Larger machines come equipped with 2 or 3 bases – ideal for mounting within a wide range flange bore diameters.

Each machine creates a continuous groove spiral serrated finish – essential for achieving leak-free connections on many types of flange joint. Several can also be configured to machine grooves for RTJ (Ring Type Joint) gaskets.

Nearly all facing applications can be achieved using our standard machines, and many accessories are available to meet more specific challenges.

Since joining the Enerpac product portfolio, the technology used in our ID mount flange facers remains true to the tried and tested designs developed by Mirage Machines. Choose one and you’ll benefit from quick set up, easy operation, and repeatable precision for many years.

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MM305i, Internal Mount Flange Facing Machine, 2-12" (50-305 mm) Facing Diameter

Inside Mount Flange Facing Machines

FF120, Mechanical Flange Facing Tool

Flange Facing Tool
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