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FC10TEMAX, 22.4 ton, Flange Closing Tool Maxi Set with Two Closing Tools and Hand Pump


Model: FC10TEMAX   |  ECCN: EAR99    |   Harmonization: 8467895090
Series: FC   |  Product Line: Bolting Tools
  • The FC10TE has been designed utilizing tandem hydraulic cylinders to create a very low profile, this allows the FC10TE to be used on small diameter flanges with limited access as well as larger flanges. The tool can be used on any flange with a bolt hole diameter of 22 mm (7/8") or greater, and can pull from a distance of 600 mm down to 0 mm with a force of 11.2 ton (100 kN) per tool. It is recommended that 2 tools are used as a minimum but the FC10TE can be used in greater multiples to achieve the pulling force required.
  • The FC10TEMAX Maxi Set includes:
    2 x FC10TE Tool
    4 x 700 bar (10 000 psi) 5.5 ton Hydraulic Cylinders
    2 x 700 bar (10 000 psi) Hydraulic Hose, 2 m (78.7”)
    1 x 700 bar (10 000 psi) HP550D Sealed Hand Pump with Gauge
    1 x Instruction Manual
  • The FC10TE is applicable to all flanges with a bolt hole diameter of 25.4 mm (1") or greater. This includes ANSI, DIN, SPO, ASME and BS flanges.

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