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Self-Contained Tensioner Remote Control Panel

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Self-Contained Tensioner Remote Control Panel

Model: Remote Control Panel   |   Series:   |  Product Line: Nuclear Tools

The Self-Contained Tensioner (SCT) remote control panel allows a single operator to oversee and manage all critical tensioning tasks from a central point on the refuel floor, allowing crews to concentrate on:

  • Positioning and lowering the tensioner over the stud and nut
  • Turning the switch to latch the tensioner pull system to the stud
  • Turning the drive gear for nut rotation
  • Turning the switch to unlatch the tensioner pull system from the stud and raise the tensioner

Stud de-tensioning and stud tensioning are both normally part of the costly reactor critical path. Shortening that critical path can save utilities thousands of dollars in outage costs and replacement power costs.