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ETW3000E, Electric Torque Wrench, Control Box included, 4065 Nm Torque, 1 in. Square Drive, 230V 50 Hz

Discontinuation Notice

The ETW-Series Electric Torque Wrenches have been discontinued effective October 09, 2020.
Visit our torque tools webpage to view our extensive range of torque wrenches and multipliers.


Model: ETW3000E   |  ECCN: EAR99    |   Harmonization: 8467290090
Series: ETW   |  Product Line: Bolting Tools
Versatility, Performance, Simplicity, Traceability, Safety
  • Patented firmware design provides accurate fastening on soft or pre-tightened joints
  • Single control box may be used to operate multiple wrench models
  • Wrenches and control boxes may be purchased separately or as a calibrated set
  • High speed continuous rotation gets the job done faster
  • Torque and angle functionality allows input of nominal torque value followed by a specific angle of rotation
  • Pass/Fail LED indicator on back of tool verifies fastening has been completed according to specified input
  • Control box with large seven-inch touchscreen simplifies tool operation
  • Controls on back of wrench enable operator to monitor and manage the fastening process without returning to the control box
  • Brightly lit three line LED display on wrench is easy to read in any environment
  • Fastening record can be viewed on-screen and transferred to a computer
  • Each tool is performance tested and shipped complete with a factory calibration certificate
  • Lift points on wrench enable use with positioning handle or lifting device for greater handling safety
  • Ground fault detector protects operator in the event of insufficient grounding
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