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Safety Training

Operating high-pressure hydraulic tools requires a sound knowledge of the risks involved. Having the right training will enable the tools to be used properly and safely.

Our safety training services are intended to reduce the safety hazards associated with operating and maintaining high-pressure (10,000 psi) hydraulic tools. We offer a wide range of training services focusing primarily on safety, maintenance and proper operation of high-pressure tools. Contact your local Enerpac representative to discuss your training needs.

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Job site safety training

Classroom style safety training

Online safety training

Safe usage demonstrations

Tool inspections

Hands-on demos

Safety Training Offerings

  • Standard Safety Training
    • A discussion on the dangers when using hydraulic tools
    • A short Enerpac safety video
    • Some important safety guidelines
    • A safety quiz
    • An attendance certificate – upon completion
  • Tool Inspections
    • A trainer will visually inspect your tools, workshop practices, operations, tool stores and maintenance programs and will provide a detailed report summarizing the condition of your tools and suggested improvements
  • Tailored Trainings
    • Based on your needs we can tailor the training to focus on the safe operation and maintenance of the tools commonly used on your job site

Training Formats

  • On-site
    • We’ll come to your job site and host the training session
  • Online / Virtual
    • We’ll setup and host web based virtual conference for your team to join remotely

What to expect from a Standard Safety Training

  • Duration – around 45 minutes depending on questions
  • Interactive with a bit of fun
  • Some interesting real-life case studies
  • A safety quiz (on-site training sessions only)

Bottom line impact

Benefits of safety training:

  1. Incident reduction: following proper usage and maintenance minimizes risk
  2. Minimizing downtime: tool inspection services ensure your tools are ready to perform
  3. Replacement cost reduction: proper maintenance increases the lifecycle of your tools

Goal Zero

Enerpac is committed to achieve the Goal of Zero harm to employees, customers and end users of our products. On-site training services are offered to users of Enerpac products to help achieve Goal Zero.

Enerpac Academy Training

Our in-house training program offers numerous in-depth training courses at our training centers

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Safety Training Brochure

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