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The Reliable Choice for Industrial Heavy Use
When performing maintenance on an offshore oil rig or for repetitive, heavy-duty bolting applications, operators depend upon torque wrenches that work reliably every time. The ATEX-certified Enerpac S&W torque wrench series, in either square drive or hexagon low profile, are made of steel for the reliability heavy duty applications demand.
The 2-in-1 General Purpose Choice for Moderate Use
When your torque applications often take you from one type of application to the next, the most practical choice is a general-purpose torque wrench that is compatible with square drive or hex cassettes. The Enerpac RSL torque wrench series is a steel, 2-in-1 design making it more durable than aluminum options.
The 2-in-1 Modular Choice for Moderate Use
Torque wrenches compatible with interchangeable square drive or low-profile cassettes make it easy to enhance your tool inventory in a cost-effective way. The modular design of the ATEX-certified Enerpac HMT series reduces the need to purchase separate tools for those who use cassettes from a variety of leading brands. The combination of superior alloys makes it one of the most durable wrenches in its class.
The Basic Choice for Moderate Use
Aluminum torque wrenches are the preferred option for those that appreciate a slightly lighter weight tool. The Enerpac DSX series is a square drive design with an optimized weight-to-output ratio and unique safety features to prevent dropped objects and operator fatigue. This model series is also ATEX certified.
Torque Wrench Accessories
Improve your productivity and safety by creating a complete torque wrench solution with components all ergonomically designed to work together. The Enerpac Safe T Torque Lock, the first in the series that will continue to expand, is a safety device that converts the Enerpac RSL-Series and the S-Series torque wrenches into hands-free tools.
Torque Wrench Pumps & Accessories
Air Torque Wrench Pumps
The ATEX-certified Enerpac LAT-Series pumps provide maximum productivity with best-in-class, flow-to-weight performance, a proven air motor with a three-piston design. It pairs well for moderate use. When a higher flow is required, the ATEX-certified Enerpac ZA4T-Series air pumps are ideal for heavy usage.
Battery Torque Wrench Pumps
When your work takes you to remote locations without access to power or when cords may present a tripping hazard, the Enerpac XC-Series cordless torque wrench pumps pair perfectly for moderate use. The 5AH, 28V battery provides superior run time and comes with a 1-hour quick charger.
Electric Torque Wrench Pumps
For heavy use, the Enerpac E-Pulse torque wrench pumps have a high-efficiency, 0.85 hp direct-drive motor that maintains constant power to maximize flow at any pressure. The durable aluminum housing protects components in the harshest environments making it an ideal pairing for heavy torque wrench use. For more moderate use, Enerpac TQ-Series and ZU4T-Series pumps provide excellent electric pump pairings.
Pump Accessories
Keep your torque wrench system working properly by only using Enerpac couplers, fittings, hoses and hydraulic oil.
Torque Multipliers
Manual Torque Multipliers
A hand-operated tool, the Enerpac E-Series manual torque multipliers are a portable and lightweight solution when electricity or compressed air is unavailable. The planetary gear set achieves high output torque from low input torque.
Pneumatic Torque Multipliers
The Enerpac pneumatic PTW-series torque multipliers tackle the toughest bolting applications, yet they are simple to use. Designed for speed and control, the PTW-series is a continuous rotation design for constant, controlled torque output. Ideal for mining equipment wheel or shovel maintenance, turbine installations or maintenance, oil and gas pipe flanges, manway covers and much more.
Aerospace Torque Multipliers
The Sweeney product line of torque multipliers are designed specifically for the demands and specifications of the aerospace industry. Explore the full Sweeney range from manual or high capacity torque multipliers to the digital torque multipliers with real time torque feedback displays for full confidence in accuracy and traceability.
Topside Bolt Tensioners
For most standard or compact flanges, the HydraMax topside tensioners generate 30% more load capacity than traditional tensioners. While the Enerpac GT-Series tensioners provide accurate and reliable performance in a universal and multi-use tool.
Power Generation Bolt Tensioners
Critical fastening applications for wind, steam and gas turbines are best served by the Enerpac PGT-Series tensioners, while the Enerpac FTR-Series and FTE-Series tensioners are designed specifically for wind tower foundations.
Multi-Stud Tensioners
Steam or gas turbine rotor assembly or the loosening and tightening of manway covers or inspection ports in nuclear facilities call for the tensioning of every single stud in a joint assembly simultaneously. The Enerpac MST Multi-Stud tensioners accurately pre-load all studs and reduce bolting time by as much as 75%.
Nuclear Tensioners
Recognizing the need to reduce critical path time in nuclear power plants and lessen manpower requirements and their associated dose, operators rely on tools specifically designed to minimize safety risks. The Biach Electric Stud Drive Tool (ESDT) protects workers from the dangers of absorbing breakaway torque during stud rotation. And the Biach Self-Contained Tensioner (SCT), with its quick latch and unlatch design, shortens tensioning time on reactor pressure vessel (RPV) head studs for greater safety.
Bolt Tensioner Pumps
Air Tensioner Pumps
The ATEX-certified Enerpac ATP-Series tensioner pumps are designed for high pressure applications in a lightweight, yet rugged steel frame for heavy usage. Best for bolt tensioning applications where electric power is not accessible or in explosive environments.
Electric Tensioner Pumps
The Enerpac ZUTP-Series high-efficiency electric pumps provide superior performance with a compact and lightweight design. The two-stage pump provides high flow at low pressure for fast system fills and controlled flow at high pressure for safe and accurate operation.
Manual Tensioner Pumps
For a lightweight and portable hand pump, the Enerpac HPT tensioner pump includes two-speed operation for reduced cycle times, a gauge and integrated relief valve. Best for test applications or occasional use.
Controlled Bolting Tools Catalog
Download the latest edition of the Enerpac Bolting Tools catalog.
Controlled Bolting Tools Catalog
Download the latest edition of the Enerpac Bolting Tools catalog.