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Installing Pylon Sections of a Cable-Stayed Bridge with a SyncHoist


FIRMA “Gotowski” Budownictwo Komunikacyjne I Przemys?owe Sp. z o.o.


Bydgoszcz, Poland


Gotowski constructed a 200 meter long cable-stayed “University Bridge” to connect two parts of Bydgoszcz separated by the Brda River. The bridge’s design requires the erection of two 68 meter tall pylons (towers) to support the bridge deck. Constructed in sections, the pylons weighed 90 to 130 tons and needed to be positioned with precise accuracy.


An Enerpac SyncHoist system was attached below the hook of a 350 ton crane. Comprised of four specialized double acting push pull cylinders, the SyncHoist enabled a single operator to precisely mount each pylon section. Enhancing the capability of a single crane with a computer controlled hydraulic positioning system provided a safer and precise solution than utilizing multiple cranes to install the pylon sections.


Synchronous Hoist System