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Lifting and Installing the Deck Sections of the Golden Horn Metro Bridge




Istanbul, Turkey


The Golden Horn Metro Bridge is a 936 m (3,071 ft.) long cable-stayed bridge which spans the Golden Horn waterway in Istanbul, Turkey. Portions of the bridge deck rotate in order to permit large shipping vessels through the waterway. The rotating bridge deck segments were fabricated off-site and floated in on a barge. The 300 ton deck sections needed to be lifted off the barge nearly 17 meters and installed into position.


Mounted on the top of two temporary steel gantries were two 200 ton capacity HSL2000 hydraulic strand jacks. A custom made bracket was built to connect the deck sections to the strand jack’s lifting lug. Operating in unison, the strand jacks lifted the deck sections synchronously. The strand jacks successfully lifted a total 11 deck sections into position.


Four HSL2000 Strand Jacks