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Placing Bridge Girders with Precise Control with a SyncHoist System


Universal Cranes, Smithbridge


Nambucca Heads, New South Wales, Australia


The Pacific Highway expansion project includes hundreds of kilometers of new highway between Sydney and Brisbane. Part of the project includes the construction of a new bridge over the Nambucca River. When completed the Nambucca River Bridge will be 850 meters long and will include 21 bridge spans comprised of four precast concrete girders. Weighing up to 158 tonnes and 41 meters length, each of the girders will need to be placed on bearings with precise control.


To save time and simplify the placement of the girders, the Universal Cranes and Smithbridge team utilized a Synchronous Hoist System. Positioned below the lattice spreader, the SyncHoist System enabled finite adjustment of the beams during placement on the bearings. The system also helped save up to half a day in downtime. The team only needed to adjust the slings, rather than changing the rigging gear between arrangements.


Synchronous Hoist System