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Replacing Bridge Bearings without Interrupting Traffic to the Second Bosphorus Bridge


Cagil Construction


Istanbul, Turkey


Located on the O-2 Highway in Istanbul, the Sadabad Viaduct is a connecting motorway to the Second Bosphorus Bridge; the 19th longest suspension bridge span in the world. Approximately 400 bearings needed to be replaced on the Sadabad Viaduct while the road remained continuously open to traffic.


Tekno Kontrol utilized an 8 point Synchronous Lifting System and 20 CLP-Series hydraulic pancake locknut cylinders to jack the deck sections in order to remove and replace the 400 bearings. The CLP-Series cylinder’s locknut mechanically supported the load while the bearings were replaced. The SyncLift System provided a central control unit to synchronously lift and lower each deck section with a 2mm stroke tolerance. The mechanical support of the locknut cylinders and precise control during the lifting and lowering of deck sections enabled the highway to safely remain open to traffic throughout the maintenance operations.


EVO Synchronous Lifting System, CLP-Series Hydraulic Pancake Locknut Cylinders