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Telescopic Hydraulic Gantry Provides Greater Safety and Flexibility for the Transportation of Heavy Loads


Yew Choon Pte Ltd / Yew Choon Technology Pte Ltd




Transformers, turbines, generators, and other heavy loads often need to be maneuvered, installed on foundations, and replaced during new build construction, maintenance, repairs, and shutdowns. An efficient solution is required to meet tight schedules, while ensuring that safety remains at the forefront when lifting and positioning heavy loads. Furthermore, certain job environments have space constraints, rendering the need for solutions that address this challenge.


Yew Choon Pte Ltd / Yew Choon Technology, experienced one-stop service providers for oversized & heavy loads in the Southeast Asia region, provide onshore and offshore heavy lifting and transportation services for major companies in the oil and gas industry, as well as for civil and power plants.

The safety of their employees and clients is a key consideration in their operations. In addition to owning an Enerpac SBL1100 Hydraulic Gantry, they purchased a SBL500 Hydraulic Gantry to have greater flexibility in lifting operations at various sites simultaneously across the Southeast Asia region. Both hydraulic gantries were used to relocate two units of 100-ton and 120-ton press machines for a customer’s factory relocation. The job was completed in just two and a half days, as compared to a week if they used a different lifting solution.

Hydraulic gantries are a safe, efficient way to lift and position heavy loads, especially for applications where there is space constraint or when permanent overhead structures are not feasible. Enerpac gantries are completely self-contained, with hydraulic and electrical components built into every leg. This makes setup easier, reduces trip hazards associated with hydraulic hoses, and allows for unobstructed views of the load.

Designed and tested to meet ASME B30.1-2015 safety standards, the SBL500 Super Boom Lift Telescopic Hydraulic Gantry has a lift capacity of up to 5200 kN, and lift height of over 8 m. Equipped with the Intelli-Lift wireless control system, the gantry enables remote operation using multi-channel wireless or wired control, automatic synchronization of lifting with an accuracy of 24 mm, and automatic synchronization of travelling with an accuracy of 15 mm.

With more accurate and controlled movements, safety is enhanced during Yew Choon / Yew Choon Technology’s operations. The telescopic gantries also provide greater flexibility for different application types and site conditions.

SBL500 Hydraulic Gantry