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Synchronous Lift System Launches 43,000 ton Offshore Oil Platform


Malaysia Marine and Heavy Engineering


Johor Bahru


Lift, balance, weigh and smoothly launch a 43,000-ton floating oil production system for the Gurmusut-Kakap offshore Malaysian oil field. Maintaining the integrity of the structure throughout the lift was essential, not only to ensure the safety of the lift, but also to ensure structural integrity and safety throughout its operational life.


Enerpac PLC-controlled 700 bar synchronous lifting technology was used to individually control 352 compact high-pressure (700 bar) 300-ton hydraulic cylinders incorporated in groups into active skids beneath the steel structure. It was able to sense and control any deflection—within the required range of 210 millimeter over a 70 meter span—of pontoons and the main superstructure, protecting its integrity throughout the lifting, weighing, shifting and launching process.


EVO Synchronous Lifting System