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Transformer Lift and Weigh Saves Freight Cost


Machinery Movers Ltd.


Whangarei, New Zealand


Machinery Movers needed to know the exact weight of a transformer before it was shipped from New Zealand to India. A load in excess of the port’s 110 ton maximum lifting capacity would require a special ship to be brought in which would incur significant freight costs.


A 12 point EVO-W Synchronous lift system and four RACL-Series aluminum lock nut cylinders were used to lift and weigh the transformer. Calibrated pressure transducers provided weigh data to the EVO system which was then downloaded from the system’s USB port. After 5 weigh-ins, the average weight of transformer was certified at 109.4 tons. Verifying the weight of the transformer was under local shipping port weight limits saved the manufacturer significant freight costs.


EVO Synchronous Lifting System, RACL-Series Cylinders