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Hydraulic Jacking System Assists Construction of the Honolulu Rail Transit System




Honolulu, HI USA


In 2012, the Honolulu Rail Transit Project began the construction of a 20-mile elevated rail line. The rail system seeks to alleviate significant traffic issues affecting Hawaii’s most congested city. Kiewit was tasked with the design and construction of the elevated rail guideway. In order to accelerate the construction timeline and maintain a high-level of quality, Kiewit selected a segmental precast span-by-span construction technique to complete the project. The first 10-miles of guideway will consist of 5,200 guideway precast segments which are casted at an off-site casting yard, then delivered onsite for installation. Kiewit designed a twin underslung girder system to complete the span-by-span construction. The installation of segments weighing up to 50 tons each requires a positioning system with a significant amount of force and precision.


Enerpac engineered and delivered the hydraulic control package to Kiewit for the underslung girder systems. Each of the twin underslung girder systems are supported by pier brackets on each end which are transversely positioned and aligned with custom Enerpac TR-Series hydraulic tie rod cylinders. Once the steel box girders are launched and aligned on the pier brackets, custom Enerpac 150 ton locknut cylinders are mechanically locked ensuring the system maintains its precise position. The guideway segments are then picked via crane and placed onto a set of segment carts where they are supported by 50 ton Custom CLL-Series hydraulic locknut cylinders. Utilizing the segment carts the segments are precisely aligned and maneuvered into position, where the segments can then be epoxied and post-tensioned together completing the span. Span-by-span advancement is enabling multiple phases of the project to occur simultaneously, thus helping to reduce the overall project timeline.


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